Thursday, August 18, 2005

Disengagement Update. 18 August

The killing of four Palestinians by an Israeli settler at Shilo in the West Bank provoked a reaction from Palestinian militias in Gaza. A total of five home made rockets were fired at Israeli targets in four separate incidents. No injuries were reported and the IDF did not retaliate. Significantly, the Palestinian Security Forces prevented an attempted rocket attack by Islamic Jihad just before midnight and since then no further rockets have been fired.

Israeli Police and IDF moved into Kfar Darom earlier this morning and will began the forced removal of settlers and supporters over the course of the day. Kfar Darom is regarded as the most religiously orientated of the 21 Gaza settlements and resistance to the evacuation is expected.

There is still no news on the whereabouts of the French journalist siezed by Palestinian gunmen on Sunday evening.


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