Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rafah passenger terminal

Haaretz is reporting that Israel will begin the construction of a new border crossing on the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border next week. The proposed site at Kerem Shalom would become the entry point for all Palestinians returning to Gaza from Egypt following the Israeli withdrawal. The PA is adamantly opposed to such a proposal given the requirement to enter Israel territory in order to return to Gaza.

Earlier this week Egyptian security chief, Omar Suleiman proposed a continued 6 month Israeli presence after the withdrawal to establish confidence building mesaures with the PA. The PA did not rule out such a compromise.

Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)


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Blogger Laila said...

Re other comments: HUH?!?!

Thanks, collective intl orgs, for puting this together. I'm a Palestinian journalist here in Gaza and have found this very helpful.


2:36 PM  

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