Monday, September 12, 2005

Settlement handover to Palestinian forces

The hand over of settlements started after midnight:

1:10 am The Palestinian security forces and intelligence entered Morag settlement with some supporters. The tank outside Atzmona settlement fired at least 6 flare lights with sporadic shooting at the opposite area.

1:33 am The tank at Tofah and Neve Dekalim settlement started to leave under a cover of heavy shooting.

2 am The security forces started to enter Tel Qatif settlement and security forces at Zahra city.

2:20 am The security forces entered Netzarim settlement.

2:33 am The security forces started to enter the Erez industrial zone from the main gate and hundreds of people from Beit Hanoun moved to the custom area to celebrate the pullout. The security forces at the coastal road entered Dugit from the western side.

3:21 am The security forces now entered Kfar Darom settlement.

Palestinian Reporting.


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