Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rafah Border

The Gaza border between Rafah and Egypt was supposed to be sealed at 6 pm this evening. People are still moving across on both sides of the border at 7.30 pm.

Palestinan Reporting

Road side bomb

At 10.00 am, a group of Palestinian gunmen detonated a road side bomb next to the Rafah-Sinai border fence. It is believed they were trying to increase the number of openings in the fence in order to facilitate Plaestinian movement into Egypt.

Palestinian Reporting

Gaza-Sinai border

Currently, PA forces are deploying around the Gaza-Sinai border in an attempt to stop people entering Egypt. The PA has ordered those people who have crossed the border since Monday to return by 6.00 pm today when the border will be closed.

Palestinian Reporting

Southern Gaza

Rafah passenger terminal is closed for the seventh consecutive day for arrivals and departures.
Sofa crossing is open for construction materials but closed for laborers.
Openings are still present in the wall on the Gaza-Egypt border, and people continue to move across the border in both directions without any opposition from Egyptian or Palestinian officials.

Palestinian Reporting

Hamas rally

At 9.50 pm, Hamas finished its rally in Gaza city celebrating the IDF withdrawal. Hamas leader, Mohammed el Zahar, stated that Hamas will concentrate on increasing the resistance in the West Bank, in addition to rebuilding the organisation in Gaza.

Palestinian Reporting