Friday, September 23, 2005

Hamas rally explosion

At 6 pm a bomb exploded among Hamas supporters at a rally in Jabalia resulting in about 100 injuries and 19 fatalities. The source of the explosion is still unknown.

Palestinian Reporting.

Hamas rally

Hamas movement is calling for a rally and military display in Jabalia camp today after the third prayers. The rally will take place south of the UNRWA schools.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah terminal

Rafah terminal opened at 8.50 am to allow the movement of students, Gazans with overseas residency and medical cases to leave Gaza for Egypt. This is the first time that Rafah has opened since 7 September and it is expected to be open for 48 hours.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah border

At 1.30 am it was reported that the PA and Egyptian forces coordinated the return of approximately 1500 Palestinians and the same number of Egyptians to their respective sides of the border via an opening in the Rafah barrier at Salah ed Din gate.

Palestinian Reporting